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This search function is for Electronic Data Plates, introduced in February 2021. The Electronic Data Plate replaces the engraved LVV certification plate that was in place since 1992. The electronic data plate does not contain the certification information, it is programmed with an individual code that links to an online database that contains information on the vehicle modifications.

  • Check the vehicle against the information and confirm the modifications are the same as at the time of certification.
  • Quick access to photographs of the vehicle taken at the time of certification.
  • Detailed information for AVI’s, Police and prospective vehicle purchasers wanting to check compliance.
  • This page can NOT be used to check details of engraved aluminium LVV Certification Plates.


How to – enter details into this page

You can access the information on the vehicle modifications by entering the serial number on the disc together with the last six digits of the vehicle’s VIN number into the fields above.


How to – scan with smart-phone

An NFC (Near Field Communication) reader is required to retrieve a code from the microchip in the data plate. Most newer smart-phones have this technology, and some have the reading function already built-in (for example Android),  while Apple devices require a third-party app that can be downloaded free from the App store. The device must be held close to the electronic data plate to scan it and once read, the data is automatically presented on screen. Unlike the restricted space on an engraved plate, large amounts of data can be stored and made available.


When will my Electronic Data Plate become ‘live’?

Once your vehicle has passed its final certification inspection, your LVV Certifier will courier the completed form-sets to LVVTA for processing. Once we have received these form-sets it can take up to three working days for the data to be added and become ‘live’, at which point the LVV Certifier will be notified. Please contact your LVV Certifier if the search on this page does not show any results after 6 working days.


More Information

For more information relating to Electronic Data Plates, please click here to read our Information Sheet (Downloads PDF).

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